Mick® TP/TPV Applicator System

Fast and accurate loose seed placement capability

With the Mick® TP/TPV Applicator, IsoSeed® can be implanted in any desired seed spacing distance, thus allowing a geometrically unrestricted seed distribution. Even seed placement adjustments during the implant are possible in order to adapt to changes of the prostate position and size.

Key Features

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Mick® TP Applicator

The Mick® TP Applicator uses Manchester source placement principles and allows for seed placement adjustments during the implant in order to adapt to changes of the prostate position and size. When attached to an implanted Mick® TP Needle, the applicator allows for seeds to be inserted individually per pre-plan or real-time technique. Treatment modifications can be done on the spot and without interruptions. The design of the Mick® System offers very good seed placement flexibility and a significant reduction in radiation exposure to staff and personnel.

Mick® TPV Applicator

Like the Mick® TP Applicator, the Mick® TPV Applicator enables very good seed placement adjustability. Additionally, the design of the Mick® TPV Applicator allows for instantaneous seed spacing selections of 3.75 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm, 5.5 mm, 6.0 mm and a neutral position “N”. The neutral position disengages the clicking mechanism to prevent needle displacement while resetting the template ring.

Mick® Sterilization and Storage Cassette

The Mick® Sterilization and Storage Cassette is an anodized, light weighted aluminum case for the Mick® 200-TP and 200-TPV Applicators. It protects and prevents loss of delicate instrumentation by offering designated component placement and silk screened component locators. The Mick® Sterilization and Storage Cassette is ideal for steam or ETO sterilization.

Mick® Magazines

The Mick® Magazines are designed to shield staff and patient from excess radiation exposure before and during the implant procedure. When inserted in the Mick® TP/TPV Applicator, the exposure rate around the magazine nears background readings. The hexagonal magazine head is threaded for safe storage in the Loading V-Block or Seed Sterilizer and Carrier. Mick® Magazines may conveniently be received on-site ready loaded and sterile from e.g. Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG. Various magazine types are offered:

  • Disposable Mick® Magazines (single use): They can be autoclaved for one sterilization cycle and are compatible with Mick® 200-TP and 200-TPV Applicators. The capacity per magazine includes up to 15  I-125 seeds.
  • Reusable Mick® Magazine: When loaded, seeds are held captive thus eliminating the loss of seeds during the handling and sterilization process. The capacity per magazine is 10 each for I-125 seeds.

Further products of the Mick® TP/TPV Applicator System include TP Needles, Diddler, Loading V-Block, Seed Sterilizer and Carrier, Reverse Action Tweezer, Reusable and Disposable Templates as well as the Radiation Inspector.

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