Eckert & Ziegler and Alpha-9 Sign Actinium-225 (Ac-225) Reservation Agreement

October 13, 2022 | Berlin

Eckert & Ziegler (ISIN DE0005659700, SDAX) and Alpha-9 Theranostics Inc. (Alpha-9), a radiopharmaceutical company with offices in Vancouver and Boston, have signed an agreement for the preferred supply of GMP grade Actinium-225. The reservation gives Alpha-9 priority access to Eckert & Ziegler’s high-purity, non-carrier-added Actinium-225, a radionuclide used for the next generation of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

“Following the successful completion of our supply agreement for Lutetium-177 earlier this year, we are pleased to further expand our relationship with Alpha-9 and contribute to innovation in cancer treatment through the supply of Actinium-225, a promising therapeutic radioisotope” explained Dr. Harald Hasselmann, Executive Director and responsible for the Medical segment of Eckert & Ziegler. “Access to Actinium-225 has been limited in the past which slowed down clinical research and commercial use. With the construction of our new Ac-225 production facility, we are addressing this situation and expect to be able to offer the radioisotope in limited quantities in the fourth quarter of 2023 and in larger quantities in the second half of 2024.”

“The radionuclide Actinium-225 is a key component of the therapeutic compounds in our portfolio and access is crucial to drive our development and clinical research” stated David Hirsch, CEO of Alpha-9. “We are pleased to extend our collaboration with Eckert & Ziegler to achieve our goal of improving the lives of patients affected by metastatic cancers.”

Actinium-225 is used as an active substance in cancer treatment. The radioisotope emits powerful, high-energy alpha particles with short penetration depths that enable precise treatment of tumor cells, including elusive micrometastases, with minimal impact on surrounding healthy tissue. For this purpose, Actinium-225 is combined with a suitable carrier (e.g., an antibody or peptide) that specifically binds to cancer cells, thereby selectively targeting them. Currently, radiopharmaceuticals based on Actinium-225 are being tested in many clinical indications, including prostate tumors, colorectal cancer and leukemia. Experts expect the demand for Actinium-225 to increase exponentially over the next decade.

About Eckert & Ziegler.
Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- und Medizintechnik AG with more than 900 employees is one of the world’s largest providers of isotope-related components for nuclear medicine and radiation therapy. The company offers services for radiopharmaceuticals at its worldwide locations, from early development to commercialization. Eckert & Ziegler shares (ISIN DE0005659700) are listed in the SDAX index of Deutsche Börse.
Contributing to saving lives.

About Alpha-9 Theranostics

Alpha-9 Theranostics is a clinical stage, radiopharmaceutical company developing imaging and therapeutic molecules for solid and hematologic malignancies. Using proprietary technology and the Company’s expertise, these differentiated molecules have the potential to meaningfully extend patients’ lives with favorable safety profiles.

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