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A look behind the scenes – Eckert & Ziegler Eurotope cassette production

As many of you do only have a sketchy idea of how Modular-Lab synthesis cassettes are produced, we have put together a short video, giving an impression of all the process steps from picking and packing to final boxing. Enjoy our look behind the scenes.

A look behind the scenes

In this post, we would like to introduce to you the production of our sterile, disposable radiosynthesis cassettes. As we are frequently asked about it and customers find it hard to imagine how our synthesis cassettes are assembled and which process steps have to be taken care of, we put together a video a few years back to give an impression.


Radiosynthesis involves producing an analogue of a test substance by replacing one or more atoms with a radioisotope. In most cases, 14C is the radioisotope incorporated into the test substance, although other isotopes may be needed for some chemicals not containing carbon.

The cassette production of Eckert & Ziegler Eurotope GmbH

Our short film shows you the way from single parts to the complete cassette, which is assembled in our head office in Berlin under clean room conditions. Among others you will see the picking and packing of necessary single parts as well as its transport to our clean room, the transfer of the material through the air lock and subsequent assembly, labeling and vacuum packaging of the completed cassettes. Furthermore, the video will show the internal quality control, final packing and transport of the cassette to the next stage of production.

Additional steps during the cassette production, not shown in the film, include gamma sterilization (which is not done in-house), assembling of accessories as well as the final check and packing to transport units.

Marian Heinrich
Marian Heinrich Head of Operations

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