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When looking for a radiosynthesis system we know that it sometimes can be hard to keep track of things with all the information provided. To make sure you have something to go on when looking for an Eckert & Ziegler synthesizer, we have created this decision guidance overview. Using a few simple questions, you will find the radiosynthesizer that fits your needs, whether for research, routine or a mixed flexible approach.

Work with Modular-Lab eazy radiosynthesizer

Different nuclear medicine laboratories have different requirements. When deciding for a radiosynthesis system very often the choice between routine production and research and development has to be made. Eckert & Ziegler offers a wide range of system concepts from research to routine as well as flexible approaches. Some systems have especially been developed for the production of certain tracers, others come with a range of possible applications, but also give the possibility to establish own projects.


Tracers are substances with atomic or nuclear, physical, chemical or biological properties that can help identify, observe or follow the behaviour of various physical, chemical or biological processes.

Modular-Lab eazy

Flowchart – the right synthesizer for your needs

To give you an overview and make your decision easier, we created the following decision making chart. Answering a few questions will help you  to find the right synthesis system approach for your laboratory. And just in case something is unclear afterwards, our team will be happy to help by answering your questions.

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