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KitLab combines fast user setup, easy handling and elimination of operating errors; therefore allowing more time to stay focussed on other work. The use of defined tools for each kit and the reproducible process make KitLab very reliable. So far the system is available for the formulation of the registered kits SomaKit TOC® and NETSPOT® and can be used for radiosynthesis of 68Ga-HBED-PSMA without kits.

Key Features

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Detail Information


The growing availability of ready to use cold kits on the market increases the potential of manual handling errors and the risk of high radiation exposure to the operator.
With the KitLab system, Eckert & Ziegler Eurotope GmbH offers an automated solution to improve the reproducibility of results, to protect users from unnecessary exposure and to facilitate synthesis and formulation. The use of defined tools for each kit combined with a fast user setup and easy handling allows a more efficient work schedule and makes the KitLab system very reliable.


After connecting the KitLab device to the standard socket outlet, putting the RFID card in place and inserting the cassette, the system is ready for use. For the transfer of liquids KitLab uses the established and well proven peristaltic pump with four independently programmable channels. In addition to performing automated handling of registered kits the device offers the possibility to start a program with time delay function to allow an automatic pre-elution at a scheduled date and time.

Easy data management and storage

The cassettes are delivered with an RFID card that contains important information for the batch report. All data will be gathered via the RFID card reader and the optional barcode scanner and stored on the device itself. The data is combined in one batch report which can be directly printed with the optional label printer. To secure GMP-compliant data storage, batch data are subsequently stored on the internal SD card and additionally on the cassette-specific RFID card. All batch data can be accessed at any time.

Small, sterile and double packed cassettes

All cassettes are assembled under GMP compliant clean room conditions and sterilized with gamma-radiation. They come, depending on the application, with needle-free connections, color coding or V-vials. All features are meant to prevent incorrect use and to facilitate the preparation process. The cassettes are delivered with all further necessary consumables.

Features at a glance

  • User-friendly application selection via RFID card
  • Stand-alone device; no PC or EC needed
  • Very small footprint
  • Radiation protection – reduction of radiation exposure to the operator (ALARA)
  • Handling according to registration guidelines, IFU, SmPC
  • Automated, sterile QC sampling and sterile filtration (optional)
  • Pre-elution function; delayed start
  • Automated/controlled elution of generator
  • Recording/calculation of remaining generator activity
  • Easy and fail-free insertion of cassette

Adaptable and upgradeable for future use

The KitLab system is intended for the formulation of licensed PET kits. It can furthermore be used for a synthesis with 68Ga-HBED-PSMA including pre- and post-purification steps.

Customizable setup

The programming of KitLab is done by Eckert & Ziegler. If you wish to customize your device with a special application or develop liquid transfer processes on you own, check out our Peristaltic Pump Module or get in touch!

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CE Conformity

CE-Conformity Certificates are available and will be provided on request. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

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