Safety Workbench SWB15

for safe preparation of Ga-68 and Tc-99m radiopharmaceuticals

The GMP-compliant, shielded safety workbench ensures optimized radiation protection for the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals. An integrated laminar air flow unit generates clean room Class A conditions inside the working area. Various operation modes are adjusted automatically.

Key Features

Detail Information

Product and User Protection

The safety workbench is equipped with a laminar air flow unit generating clean room class A conditions inside the working area. An inward air flow guarantees that contaminated particles will not leave it. The ventilation is monitored and controlled permanently. SWB15 is shielded with up to 50 mm lead. A moveable lead glass window which protects the user is installed at the front. Additionally, a lead shielded wall can be installed at the front. The appropriate inward air flow system and lead shielding protect the user all the time while working with radioactive substances.

Features & Equipment

The working area of the safety workbench is made of high-grade stainless steel. Its working surface consists of three segments for easy removal to ensure proper cleaning. A dose calibrator can be integrated in the bottom of the working area. Its software can be displayed on the 24’’ wide-screen monitor in the rear wall of the working area. Furthermore, the monitor can be used for customer applications. Contaminated waste can be discharged safely through shielded openings in the bottom of the working area. Three LED segments indicate the operation modes of the ventilation system, the generator and the waste storage. An unshielded drawer is integrated in the covering of the safety workbench at the front underneath the working area. The drawer can be used for the storage of disposables such as gloves and syringes.

Configuration for Tc-99m

The configuration for Tc-99m (SWB15-10Tc) allows to store up to two Tc-99m generators of the same or different types. All commercially available types of Tc-99m generators are supported. The generator safe is positioned underneath the workbench and shielded with 50 mm lead. The generators are automatically lifted to the height of the working area by pushing control buttons inside the working area. There is no need for the user to take the hands out of the working area while eluting the generator.

Configuration for Ga-68

There is a special configuration available for the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals based on Ga-68. The working surface is coated with polyethylene to avoid corrosion of the high-grade stainless steel when using hydrochloric acid. Furthermore, a shielded generator safe for up to two Ge-68/Ga-68 generators is positioned underneath the workbench. Feed-throughs between generator safe and working area allow the installation of lines for the elution of the generators.

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