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Brachytherapy Lectures by Dr. Jörg S. Zimmermann

Dr. Jörg S. Zimmermann held two interesting presentations at last year’s Tri-Country Symposium on Brachytherapy in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

The recording of these talks on prostate seed brachytherapy and its combination with percutaneous radiotherapy are now available with subtitles on YouTube.

Implantation procedure of iodine-125 seeds into the prostate during permanent brachytherapy

In March 2022 the 10th Tri-Country Symposium on Brachytherapy gathered professionals from the medical communities of Germany, Austria and Switzerland in St. Gallen. During this symposium Dr. Jörg S. Zimmermann gave two presentations on prostate seed brachytherapy – On the clinical dose planning and possible combinations with percutaneous radiotherapy.

Prostate Seed Brachytherapy

During this form of prostate cancer therapy, small, radioactive Iodine-125 sources called Seeds are permanently implanted into or next to the tumor. This way a high radiation dose can be delivered to the tumor while reducing damage to healthy tissue, making permanent brachytherapy one of the most tissue-preserving treatment options for early-stage prostate cancer.

His talks are now available with English subtitles on YouTube and right here:

Clinical dose planning depending on the indication (Mono, Boost, Focal, Salvage) and necessary quality assurance

Brachytherapy vs. percutaneous therapy or rather a coexistence?

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