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Teams from Berlin and the US Meet in Boston for Post-SNMMI 2024 Workshop

Following the SNMMI 2024 conference, Eckert & Ziegler Medical hosted an internal workshop in Boston, bringing together dedicated team members from Berlin and the United States to discuss strategies for our quality control equipment portfolio.

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Fostering Innovation and Collaboration

The workshop was a unique opportunity for an intensive face-to-face exchange between the experts. Meetings were successfully used to identify and address various business opportunities. Visions for new products were developed, to continue positioning Eckert & Ziegler as one of the leading providers of quality control devices for radiopharmaceutical applications.

We look back with great pleasure on our recent workshop, where the transatlantic collaboration of our teams shone in remarkable harmony. In an atmosphere of creative exchange and strategic foresight, we developed groundbreaking approaches for the introduction of new products and the sustainable growth of our division. This fruitful cooperation, characterized by mutual respect and an innovative spirit, will undoubtedly set new standards. It fills us with pride and confidence to experience the synergies of these two teams, whose interaction will shape the future of our company.

Jan Wendrich, Project Manager Analytical Equipment

Very strong market position in US lasting decades

Eckert & Ziegler’s high market coverage in the US, with TLC scanners and HPLC detectors, exhibits steady annual growth. The AR-2000 imaging scanner is not only the industry’s recognized ‘Gold Standard’ for analyzing the purity of 18F-FDG and 68Ga-PET-tracers, but is also gaining popularity for its alpha detection capabilities. An increased focus on developing targeted alpha-therapies for cancer treatment by academia, the radiopharma industry and CDMOs, has attracted customer’s interest to the AR-2000 for measurement of Ac-225, Pb-212 and other alpha emitters. The gas-based device stands out with its digital particle counting for radioisotopes on TLC plates, strips, gels, and blots for radiochemical purity measurement. This unique selling proposition together with the device’s GMP-compliant software makes the AR-2000 a unique analytical platform for reliable direct alpha nuclide measurement that allows for easy quality control process integration.

The growth we have seen for QC products in the US market is a direct reflection of our team’s commitment to provide reliable support, and earnest collaboration with customers. We are steadfast in fostering strong partnerships with industry leaders, and we hope this will enable even further detection development to aid discovery and future therapies. Whether it is one device within a teaching institution, several in a research facility, or many systems within a network of pharmacies, it is fulfilling to expand in this space where Eckert & Ziegler QC solutions can have a positive and indelible contribution to our medical community.

Amanda North, Sales Manager North America

Leveraging Our Pioneering Role in Alpha QC

Facing the growing number of Ac-225- and Pb-212-based radiotherapeuticals in the Radiopharma industry’s development pipelines, Eckert & Ziegler is determined to further leverage their pioneering role in quality control equipment to support development of novel theranostic cancer treatments. The company’s focus will be on expanding market reach, enhancing product features, and fostering collaborations with leading research institutions.

Our steady US business growth for quality control equipment profits from an exceptionally strong sales and service team. In Berlin, we have a highly experienced development team and successfully run our device production facility since over 15 years.  Merging both has facilitated our success for this business, which is part of Eckert & Ziegler’s “One-Stop-Shop”. I am happy to see that our imaging scanner AR-2000 meets our customer’s increasing demand to measure Ac and other alpha emitters. Providing a solution for this demanded application may also flank Eckert & Ziegler’s business as a vendor of Ac-225. The future looks bright!

Sven-Peter Heyn, Managing Director, Eckert & Ziegler Eurotope GmbH

Marius Wölfges
Marius Wölfges Marketing Manager

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