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Theranostic Innovations – Our EANM’22 Satellite Symposium

At EANM’22 we and our colleagues of PentixaPharm organized a joint symposium.

“Theranostic Innovations” included a group of fascinating speakers presenting on various innovative topics from the field of nuclear medicine.

The recordings of these interesting talks are now available on YouTube.

Picture of Margret Schottelius at the Eckert & Ziegler EANM

On October 18, 2022, hundreds of visitors joined is in Hall 117 of the CCIB in Barcelona to attend our Satellite Symposium “Theranostic Innovations.” Co-organized by our colleagues at PentixaPharm and kindly supported by Precirix and TRIMT, the symposium included talks on innovative theranostic approaches targeting CXCR4, HER2, αvβ6, and more.

The recorded presentations are now all available on YouTube. So if you are not lucky enough to have seen it already, or if you want to revisit certain parts of it, you can do so now.


The European Association for Nuclear Medicine – Their Annual Meeting is the biggest nuclear medicine event worldwide. The 2022 congress featured over 220 scientific sessions and was attended by more than 7.000 participants.

We hope you enjoy watching the talks. If you have any questions or would like to receive additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Part 1 – Theranostics Roadmap

In her introductory talk our chairperson Margret Schottelius paves the way by describing different ways to get from an established diagnostic compound to a therapeutic one (or the other way around).

Part 2 – CXCR4 Theranostics for
Marginal Zone Lymphoma

In the second part Andreas Buck presents interesting and convincing data supporting the use of CXCR4-based theranostics in marginal zone lymphomas and other applications. 

Due to legal reasons, this talk is only available to healthcare professionals. If you are interested in gaining access, please contact us a

Part 3 – CXCR4 Theranostics for
Multiple Myeloma and Leukemia

Rounding out the CXCR4 part of the symposium, Françoise Kraeber-Bodéré presents new data from several studies involving CXCR4-based theranostics e.g. for accurate imaging of multiple myeloma and therapy of leukemia. After her talk, she and Andreas Buck took questions from the audience and gave interesting answers.

Due to legal reasons, this talk is only available to healthcare professionals. If you are interested in gaining access, please contact us a

Part 4 – Radiolabeled Single-
Domain Antibodies

Matthias D’Huyvetter of Precirix presents their innovative single-domain antibody platform and gives insights on its applications in oncology, such as targeting HER2-positive breast cancer. He also presents the companies pipeline and their future aspirations.

Part 5 – 68Ga-Trivehexin and its
Way into Clinics

Johannes Notni and Jakub Simecek of TRIMT present the promising potential of their 68Ga-Trivehexin in targeting various cancers for imaging. Furthermore they give an outlook on the next steps to bring the compound to clinics and to find a suitable therapeutic companion. Afterwards, they were joined by Matthias D’Huyvetter for a Q&A session regarding their talks.

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