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ISOO 2022 Breakfast Symposium Presentations

At the 2022 Congress of the International Society for Ocular Oncology (ISOO) we had the honor of organizing an Industry Breakfast Symposium. A group of interesting speakers were there to give presentation on ruthenium brachytherapy and the treatment of uveal melanoma.

Don’t miss out on watching the recording of these fascinating talks!

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In June 2022 we gathered a great selection of experts on ruthenium brachytherapy to present at our Industry Breakfast Symposium during the congress of the International Society for Ocular Oncology (ISOO) in Leiden, Netherlands.

They offered insights into an interesting variety of topics surrounding ruthenium brachytherapy such as treatment selection, imaging and surgical technique.

Ruthenium-106 Brachytherapy

This form of ophthalmic brachytherapy is well-established for treating retinoblastoma and the first choice of treatment for uveal melanoma in most centers.
The procedure involves suturing a radioactive Ruthenium-106 plaque to the eyeball to irradiate the tumor without overexposing healthy tissue to the radiation.

The speakers and their presentations are the following:

  • Marina Marinkovic, MD | LUMC, The Netherlands with: „Ruthenium brachytherapy or Proton beam: How to make a sound decision“
  • Jan-Willem Beenakker, MD | LUMC, The Netherlands with: „How MRI can help optimize the treatment of uveal melanoma“
  • Bertil E. Damato, MD, PhD, FRCOphth| St Erik’s Eye Hospital & Karolinska Institutet, Sweden/United Kingdom with: „How I place a Ru-106 plaque just where I want it to be“
  • Carmen Schulz | Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG, Germany with: „Technical Details on Ru-106 Eye Applicators”
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