Ru-106 Eye Applicators

Beta radiation for eye tumor treatment

Ophthalmic Brachytherapy is well-established for the treatment of retinoblastoma and the first choice of treatment for uveal melanoma in most centers, maximizing the opportunity for conserving eye and vision. Ru-106 Eye Applicators require no assembly before use and have a half-life of 373.6 days which allows for multiple uses over a one-year period.

Key Features

Have a look at the white paper “Therapeutic Modalities for Uveal Melanoma and Retinoblastoma: Pros and Cons” written by Prof. Bertil Damato, one of the world’s leading ocular oncologists.

Detail Information

Ergonomic design

Only 1 mm in thickness, Ru-106 plaques are easy to position on the globe. A selection of 13 different models enable dosimetry to be optimized according to tumor size and shape.

Beneficial beta radiation

The beta radiation emitted by Ru-106/Rh-106 has a limited range, providing a high dose to tumors up to 5 mm in thickness, while reducing the risk of collateral damage to optic disc and fovea.

Source strength and depth dose rate

Plaques come with an extensive individual source certificate, documenting the axial dose rate in 1 mm steps from the applicator surface including the reference dose rate at 2 mm distance.


Dedicated Safety and Sterilization Container

  • Transparent, single-use templates to optimize positioning of applicators, available for all applicators
  • Fiberoptic transilluminator to define tumor margins and check plaque position

Quality “Made in Germany”

Eckert & Ziegler Medical is the only global provider of Ru-106 Eye Applicators. Every plaque is produced, tested and certified in Berlin, Germany, in compliance with high quality standards. Eckert & Ziegler Medical also accepts the return of used applicators for safe disposal.

A short film about Ocular Brachytherapy

The film conveys clearly the most important information on the topic for both tumor patients themselves and ophthalmologists in private practice.

Surgical technique for Brachytherapy

This video shows in detail the surgical procedure of a brachytherapy treatment with the Ru-106 Eye Applicator. It is primarily intended for ophthalmologists who want to learn this form of treatment.

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