Filter Test Module

for testing of pressure holding capabilities of sterile filters

As quality standards play an increasingly important role in nuclear medicine, we developed our Filter Test Module as an addition to the Modular-Lab eazy to ensure a consistently high quality of each synthesis. It allows monitoring of the pressure holding capabilities of sterile filters after each synthesis.

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Integrity testing of sterile filters and the corresponding documentation are fundamental requirements of several guidelines when working with radiopharmaceuticals. Eckert & Ziegler has developed a Filter Test Module as an add-on to the synthesizer Modular-Lab eazy. It allows monitoring of the pressure holding capabilities of sterile filters after each synthesis with Modular-Lab eazy.
Attention: The described filter test does not replace the filter integrity test that is required to be performed after the aseptic filling of a ready-to-use drug.


The working principle of the Filter Test Module is based on a non-destructive pressure holding test and suitable for pre-wetted, non-vented sterile filters. The filter test is performed after each synthesis. It can be executed at the same time as other quality control procedures without the need to remove the filter from the cassette.

Different parameters of pressure holding capacity of filters with intact membrane are used for evaluation. A pressure holding test is a recognized alternative to the bubble point and diffuse gas flow test. Depending on filter type, filter preparation and membrane wetting in particular, the measured values may underlie slight variations. The filter integrity is however not compromised.

The final result of the filter test (passed or failed) is displayed in the HMI-scheme and reported in batch protocol. In case of a failed filter test, the user will be informed and instructions for further steps including testing for lose connections and repetition of the filter test will be given.

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