LDR Needles

High quality consumables for prostate seed implantation

Eckert & Ziegler Medical offers a wide range of different types of Needles for LDR Brachytherapy, which are used for pre-loading and post-loading of stranded and loose seeds while favoring prostate targeting, access and fixation. Particularly sharpened, echo-enhanced needle tips facilitate easy insertion.

Key Features

Particularly sharpened, echo-enhanced needle tips for easy insertion and reliable visibility under ultrasound.

Detail Information

IsoCord® needles

IsoCord® Needles are steerable thanks to their bevel shaped tip, which is aligned with a blue marking on the top of the needle hub, thus allowing precise needle guidance. The stylet features clearly visible 0.5 cm markings for seed quantity indication and numerically ordered centimeter markings on the outer cannula permit determination of penetration depth at one glance. IsoCord® Needles are loaded quickly with the unique Needle Loading Station, which allows easy strand cutting under maximum radiation protection.

Post-loading needles

Post-Loading Needles come with two stylets, one for insertion and one for implantation. The insertion stylet is positioned in the notch of the needle hub during needle placement, forming an integrated cutting surface with the bevel shaped tip of the outer cannula. The specially cone-shaped needle hub easily accommodates post-loading transfer tubes. The centimeter markings on the outer cannula allow precise orientation regarding depth placement of the needle. 

Applicator needles

The slim hub design favors the implantation of loose seeds with the Mick® TP/TPV Applicator. The trocar tip stylet avoids needle deflection. 0.5 cm markings on the outer cannula support orientation whilst pulling back the Mick® TP/TPV Applicator during seed placement. 17 and 18G needles are available.

Two Types of Fixation Needles

The three hooks of the Pajunk Delta-Fix Fixation Needle are extended after puncturing the prostate, stabilizing it in the desired position. An adjustable locking spring, positioned directly at the needle template, prevents movement of the prostate. Prostate Stabilization Needles come in a set of two and deploy a side barb out of a side eyelet, which is located 2.0 cm proximal to the needle point and aligned with the point of the tear drop shaped stylet cap. The side barb deploys once the stylet cap is pulled back. Prostate immobilization is achieved by securing the locking spring against the proximal side of the needle template.

Hawkins Blunt Needle Access System

This needle provides a lightweight method of targeting. It comes with two stylets. The sharp one is equipped with a pencil point for easy insertion and positioning of the needle. The blunt one is used for atraumatic approach to the target structure and avoids damage at the prostate/bladder interface. The adjustable locking spring localizes the outer cannula to the target and prevents forward migration, while the numerically ordered centimeter markings on the outer cannula facilitate precise depth placement. Using Hawkins Blunt Needles, it is easy to locate and identify the reference plane during prostate seed implant procedures.

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