SynGen Gallium-68 Generator Accessories

Facilitate your daily work with [68Ga]Gallium

When routinely working with Gallium-68 generators, efficiency, quick and easy handling as well as compact solutions are essential. To tackle these needs we are introducing our SynGen line of accessories – a range of tools to get the most out of your Eckert & Ziegler radionuclide generators.

Key Features


HSGen is the ideal solution to accomodate the hydrochloric acid bags used for your Eckert & Ziegler 68Ge/68Ga generators. For your work with multiple generators, two acid bags can be placed on the HSGen simoultaneously.
To minimize the footprint of the setup, HSGen can be attached to the top of your generator. A dedicated screw allows fixation of the stand to one of the handles to keep it in place. Alternatively the included pedestal may be used to freely position HSGen in the generator’s sorrounding. Either configuration allows for the perfect positioning of the hydrochloric acid bag slightly above the generator’s inlet port.
To ideally fit your work environment, height and angle of the HSGen can be adjusted according to your preferences. With its flexibility and easy handling, HSGen will significantly facilitate the setup of your work environment and will allow you to save valuable space in it.


DoubleGen allows you to safely stack two of our Eckert & Ziegler 68Ge/68Ga generators on top of each other. This way the footprint used up by your generators is dramatically reduced to open up room in your work environment.
The two generators are mounted seperately on the DoubleGen, so they can be removed independently of one another. Safe storage of the upper generator is guaranteed through fixing of the handles with a dedicated clamp allowing for easy installation and removal of the generator.
For further efficiancy, the DoubleGen enables you to install the required hydrochloric acid bags directly above your generators.


EluGen is a stand-alone system for the automated elution, pre-elution and management of your Eckert & Ziegler 68Ge/68Ga generator. Its features and easy handling will save you valuable time during your routine work with Gallium-68 based tracers.

Automated elution in accordance to IFU/SmPC

After the start of the elution or pre-elution process, EluGen automatically draws up the preset volume of hydrochloric acid into the syringe. The acid is then pressed through the generator at the predetermined speed. By choosing elution parameters in accordance to the generator’s instructions, manual handling errors during the elution process can be avoided.

Touch display with intuitive user interface

EluGen’s touch display allows the quick and easy adjustment of system and elution parameters. This inludes the following options:

• (Pre-)elution volume
• (Pre-)elution speed
• Time and date
• Number of elutions carried out with the generator

Elutions and pre-elutions can easily be initiated with a simple button press on the touch screen. Progress of the elution can be monitored on the display. Pause and stop options are also available during the process.

Timer function for (pre-)elution processes

The integrated timer function allows EluGen to automatically start an elution at a predetermined time. This enables you to schedule elutions even in your absence, saving time in your daily routine. Necessary pre-elutions can also be scheduled, so your generator is ready-to-use when you arrive at your workplace.

Tools for your generator management

EluGen provides you with information to assist in your generator administration. This includes the time of the last elution as well as the number of elutions carried out with the system. The latter may be adjusted manually for first-time setup or switching of the generator.

Tubing set included

EluGen comes with a proprietary, sterile tubing set containing all necessary components to connect the device with the hydrochloric acid bags and generator.

Flexibility for your setup

EluGen can be positioned freely next to your generator. Alternatively, it can be placed on top of your generator for the most efficient use of your work environment. Together with HSGen, we offer a space-saving complete solution for your work with our 68Ge/68Ga generators.

Optional cable remote available

For improved radiation protection, a cable remote can be connected to the system. This allows you to start and stop the elution process from a safe distance, further reducing exposure to radiation.

CE Conformity

CE-Conformity Certificates are available and will be provided on request. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

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